Welcome to Endo Ends Here

A place where we can work together by sharing things that have allowed us to find our function in the dysfunction. There is no cure for Endometriosis, so we must choose to End its stranglehold, with a decision Here.

We have to decide our bodies are worth the effort of giving up foods that hurt us. Our daily function is worth moderating the things that cause flair ups. In this consumer targeting culture our needs are silenced behind the pornographic food adds, the saturation of chemicals in everything we use, and a poverty cycle that seems to offer no escape to freedom.

I am Amy, writer, creator, and positive enabler.

Endo started giving me problems at age 14, when I began my first period. 3 months after my 18th birthday I had my first major surgery, a honey dew size tumor was removed from my abdominal cavity. I had 2 different laparoscopic incisions between the time of the tumor and my hysterectomy at age 23.

After the hysto failed to relieve the extreme pain, my gynecologist told me that I was past post-operation, so there was nothing they would do for me. Then they suggested I visit a gastrointestinal specialist and followed it with a list of family doctor names with no referral, phone number, or even an address.

The government denied me disability because I couldn’t get a doctor to sign the paperwork. The only doctor that said they could sign it was an hour away. I went and paid the $90 fee. They told me to leave the paperwork and they would sign and return it. They called me the next day and told me they could not fill out the paperwork. Then, when they refused to mail the paperwork back, I was forced to make a second trip.

Other government support said I don’t qualify because I was over 21, childless, and not pregnant. After being abandoned by every system that claimed to support and protect me, I got fucking angry.

Anger is the emotion that alerts us when our boundaries have been crossed. The message I got from the system was that I am worthless, a waste of resources, and the life I offered to give for my country wasn’t worth saving. That is one of the most devastating emotional boundary attacks I have endured. It was an attack meant to kill my spirit.

I don’t claim to be a fighter anymore. However, I AM A SURVIOVER! The harsh abandonment I faced, forced me to make some hard decisions and take some empowering steps to protect myself and my quality of life. These steps have made life with Endometriosis smoother, less painful, and quite manageable.

There is so much chaos in the medical system that we have difficulties getting the help need. Sharing our small personal lessons on Endo management will help us all begin to recover and take our lives and energy back.

This blog will go through different steps that have been beneficial to me in areas of food, muscle movement, recovery time, preparation, and really any subject Endo affects. Things that allowed me to recover my spoons. When we begin taking back spoons we regain our energy and ability to deal with the chaos that flows in and out of our lives. We have enough energy to begin authentically creating our lives, recovering our energy allows our authentic lives to flourish.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and hearing about yours. The comments will be active so please feel free to use your voice to share the things that have helped your journey. Be respectful of yourself and others and remember not everything will work, it is ok if it didn’t work for you, what did? This will give us a broader view of the issue, allowing us the perspective to use our knowledge and intuition to find our function in the dysfunction.

Thank you for deciding to grow with me.
Take care of yourself, because you ~ARE~ worth it!!!